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How Swing Tags Can Be Your Business’ Secret Weapon

Posted by OZStickerPrinting on August 13, 2020

When it comes to selling homemade products, you need to do your best for your customers so that they remember you and your product.

Swing tags can come in different materials and shapes, and these tags can be a substitute for product labels.

It is a kind of product where you can put lengthy information without compromising the quality of the illustration and the font.

In this blog, we’ll discuss our next favourite business tool and its different uses.


Promote Your Business

If you are a part of the retail industry, swing tags are your perfect match to attach to your clothes.

This can be good timing to put your business's basic information, such as your social media accounts, website, and contact information.


To Provide Information 

Aside from giving away your business’ basic information, you may add information about your product, such as the price, materials used, ingredients, and expiration date.

Your creativity is endless, and you can use that skill to create good packaging that your potential customers will love.


Can be served as a product manual

Beautiful packaging plus well-written product instruction equates to happy customers.

You can achieve this formula by putting the tag where your brand’s logo is located.

In this way, your customers can read the label firsthand, and they will appreciate your effort in making sure that they enjoy your product and know its safety precautions.

Whether in retail, food, beverage, or leisure items, it is a must to put instructions on it to avoid unwanted liability for mishandled products.


A Good “Thank You” Card

Expressing gratitude will win your customers’ hearts and loyalty.

You can put your words of thankfulness in swing tags, and your customers will recommend them to their friends and family as a way of returning the favour.  



The tag for all seasons

Always create a special theme based on seasonal holidays to entice more customers to purchase your product.

Whether it's Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or Valentine’s Day, it’s always good to be updated on these events and spice up your packaging occasionally. 

Are you having a hard time where to present the values and attributes of your brand to your potential customers?

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