Sticker Sheets

Perfect for stickers with different shapes, designs, & cutting styles placed on a single sheet. The best supply option if you wish to print small quantities.


Bumper Stickers

Premium Outdoor Vinyl Stickers

Make your brand name visible on the road & stick through against extreme temperatures
with custom bumper stickers. Made from a thick, durable vinyl material that is weatherproof
and great for outdoor uses. Ideal for trucks, cars, tractors, outdoor gear, windows, & various products.

bumper sticker

White PVC - Glossy

This opaque white material with a glossy finish holds the ink better and
appears more vibrant when printed. However, since the material itself is glossy,
it lessens the shine on the printed area.


White PVC - Matte

A prelaminated material with a less lustre yet could still have a reflection
from the sheen of the ink.


Transparent Vinyl - Glossy

This material allows your design to be visible from the outside and
best applied on cars, windows, glass surfaces and others.



A rainbow-like material that makes your product attractive and luxurious,
hence, complements well with your packaging and labelling.