Gift Basket Custom Cards

Why Custom Business Cards are Ideal For Gift Basket Business

Posted by OZStickerPrinting on December 05, 2022

Holidays like Christmas and New Year are fast approaching. People are now thinking of the best gifts they could send to their loved ones, friends, and even employees or clients.

Regardless if there’s an occasion or not, Aussies are generous people. In fact, 85% of Australians love giving gifts to others more than to receive. They spend at least A$19.8 billion each year on buying gifts alone, according to the new Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA).

One of the most common gifts people like to give is a gift basket. It has varieties of food packs. But it depends on the request of clients on what to include. It is arranged in a gift basket or hampers, perfect for many occasions.

A gift hamper is also ideal if someone runs out of ideas on what gift to give to their recipients.

Food gifting is the most accessible way to send gifts to someone, whether the purpose is personal or corporate gifting. 

This method is still in demand nowadays because it’s more convenient and less stressful when thinking about giving gifts.

As someone in the gift basket business, you must come up with brilliant ideas to market your business. One way is to create a custom business card to incorporate into the gift hamper.

The statistics above show that you have space to grow this business and gain a profit.

Without further ado, here are some good reasons why business card plays a vital role in the gift basket business:


Differentiates Your Business

Having a lot of competitors in the same field as you are daunting and challenging. This is why you should create unique and creative ways to stand out. It helps differentiate your business by letting target customers know about your products or services.

That information can be found on the business card you attach to the gift basket. Make sure to put all the necessary details with personalised and catchy designs that reflect your brand personality.


Boost Brand Recognition

Business cards can help boost your brand presence when the customers are satisfied with your services. There is a possibility that they would repeat business with you or even do word-of-mouth marketing. 

Incorporating a custom business card on your gift basket makes other people recognise your business. Other people seeing it might be curious, especially if your gift basket presentation is outstanding.


Excellent Promotional Tool

This card is also excellent to use for promotional tools. You can attach it to the baskets, or you can hand them out personally to your potential clients. Always remember the general rule of thumb, make your business cards presentable enough because it also represents your entire business.

Put a positive and lasting impression when you distribute that card with confidence. If designing is not your forte, leave it in the hands of professionals who know how to exceed your expectations.


Affordable and Flexible to Use

Who says that business cards are expensive? You can even design and print on your own. But if you want a more presentable and professional look, the one you are confident in handing out, look for a reliable printing company in your area.

Business cards are affordable and versatile to use. Aside from acting as a marketing tool, it also stands as a thank-you card.

Complement-Gift-Basket -Presentation

Complement Gift Basket Presentation

Adding this card to your gift basket makes the whole presentation perfect. There are many reasons people give gift baskets. You should match the business card with the theme. Do the clients want a gift basket for someone special? Is it a corporate gift or a birthday gift?

Whatever it is, always customise the card base on the nature of the event. It sure can make you stand out among your competitors.

Final Thoughts

Holidays are fast approaching, so this is the time to market your gift basket business to potential clients. People will always appreciate it when they receive a well-thought-out gift basket. Make the presentation worth the transaction.

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