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What are Decals and How to Apply Them on the Wall

Posted by OZStickerPrinting on October 03, 2022

What are Decals

Decals derive from the word “decalcomania” means transferring designs from prepared paper onto another surface, glass, porcelain or other materials. It is applicable for indoor and outdoor use.

Decals are vinyl-based and widely used outdoors because it is sturdy, weatherproof and waterproof. You can also apply them indoors and attach them to walls, floors, glass and other smooth surfaces. It is best for decoration, business promotion or brand boosting.

2 Types of Decals

Are you in a hybrid work model and want to spice up your home office? Personalising your space could deepen your emotional connection to your work. One way is to customise your wall using decals with your preferred design.

But have you already thought about what wall graphics best complement your space? Would you prefer a visual image of your goal or a motivational quote from your favourite book? Before you get confused, here are the two types of decals that explain their differences:

Custom Decals

Custom decals are graphics or images applied on any type of smooth surface. They are printed onto or cut out of self-adhesive vinyl material and are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Decals are applied to walls, floors, vehicles, windows and other smooth surfaces. It is widely used for business promotion, logos, display of business names, store hours, sales and decorations.

Pro tip: The self-adhesive vinyl is meant to last many years for indoor and outdoor use. Want a more sophisticated result? Choose a suitable finish for your decals including PVC Gloss, PVC Matte, Transparent Gloss or Hologram.

Vinyl Lettering Decals

Vinyl lettering is self-adhesive, pre-spaced character or number that is not printed but cuts individually from high-quality, white, black or coloured vinyl. Letters are simultaneously applied using a transfer tape layer to keep them in position. After applying, no transparent region or background exists between the characters.

This is the best option if you aim for inspirational quotes wall decals for your home office. The prices may vary because you will be given choices if you want an install ready or a DIY. 

DIY - Your decals are supplied with auxiliary film, so you will be the one to remove the excess material around them. You can avail of it at a lesser price.

Install Ready - Your decals are ready to apply since all existing materials are already removed. The price is a bit higher compared to DIY, but this process is hassle-free on your part.

Creation Tool - You can use our creation tool to customise your vinyl lettering by choosing fonts, colours, and sizes. It is an easy way to get started on your design, plus it’s user-friendly.

Easy Ways to Apply Wall Decals Using Dry and Wet Method 

Applying the vinyl stickers requires extra careful and gentle to not ruin it. Let’s start installing wall decals using the dry method and wet method:

Dry Method: Best For Small to Medium Applications

Clean the Surface

Cleaning the wall allows your custom decals to adhere thoroughly to the wall. Use a damp sponge or cloth with a small amount of soap to remove oil and dirt. After cleaning, dry the area before applying the decal stickers.

Mark the Desired Position

Mark the space as a light guideline to ensure your decals are in the exact position. Use a pencil and a ruler, then tape the decal temporarily to see its spot. Take a step back and view the markings from a distance, adjust the placement if you think it is tilted, and unstick afterwards.

Remove the Backing Paper & Apply

If you found the perfect angle, remove the backing paper and stick the vinyl sticker to the wall. Place it slowly and directly to your marked guidelines. If there is a mistake, peel off the decal slowly and reapply it to the desired position.

Eliminate Air Bubble

Once already applied, remove every air bubble and smoothen the surface. This is to ensure that your custom decal securely adheres to the wall. You can start working from the middle and move outwards to achieve a smooth surface.

Peel the Protective Paper

Now is the time to peel the protective paper to see the final effect of the decal on your space. Start at the top corners and gently peel back at a 45° angle until all is removed. If the decals pull off with the protective paper, stop, then reapply the area carefully.

Wet Method: Best For Large Applications

Clean the Surface

A clean surface improves the adherence of decals on the wall. It eliminates unwanted dirt and oil, making your interior neat and appealing.

Peel the Backing Paper and Spray Application Fluid

Start peeling the backing paper of your decal carefully. Once done, spray application fluid to the adhesive side and to the desired spot you wish to install your decals. 

Apply Decals on the Surface

Are you wondering if the decals will stick on the wall after spraying fluid application? Yes, it will. It is called a wet method because its purpose is to easily adjust the decals without ruining them. 

This is the safest method you can apply regardless if you use small, medium or large formats of wall decals.

Squeegee Out Fluids and Air Bubbles

Squeegee out the fluids and air bubbles after you adjust them to their appropriate position. Start working from the centre to the edges. Reapply fluid application onto the decal to make the squeegee glide smoothly.

Repeat Process Until You Flatten the Surface

Keep on squeegeeing out air bubbles and fluids to achieve a flat and smooth surface for the best result. Once done, voila! You’re all set for the most comfortable home office ambience.

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