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Posted by OZStickerPrinting on September 10, 2018

You might have been wondering: What is the difference between stickers and labels? When you search online do you the word “sticker”? Or “labels”?

A label as defined by the English Collins dictionary as a piece of paper or plastic that is attached to an object in order to give information about it while a sticker is a small piece of paper or plastic, with writing or a picture (design) on it and that you can stick onto a surface. So what’s the difference?

Label is more appropriate when information required have to more detailed and informative. A nutritional information on a food label for example. A sticker, on the other hand, is more versatile, playful hence more fun. A car sticker promoting a charity event is an example of a sticker.

An eye-catching, informative labeling that is handy is important for any business or company. Whether it be a fun sticker or essential, we can help you through our talented team of designers who can help you come up with stickers or labels perfect for your personal and professional needs.

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