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How to Create Promotional Stickers For Your Small Business

Posted by OZStickerPrinting on March 06, 2023

Are you planning to launch your new product in the market? How do you plan to get the message out there?

Advertising products or services in a competitive marketplace is no easy job. So create a solid marketing strategy to convince and persuade your prospective customers.

With that, you need an efficient marketing tool that is proven and tested to work out — a well-designed promotional sticker!

Do you remember having fun decorating your personal belongings with stickers? How about those times you use it to support your favourite politicians?

It will also work in promoting your business without breaking the bank.



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When planning for a marketing campaign, employing promotional stickers is vital. It makes your brand stay on top-of-mind of the customers.

"Studies have shown that most people intend to keep the promotional products for about 8 months. This type of advertisement can be exposed longer to your target customers than the usual PPC ad." — Forbes

Hence, it pays to create a well-designed promotional product so your customers will keep it for a lengthy period.

Without further ado, below are excellent tips to help you design custom stickers your customers would be willing to display.


Keep it Simple Yet Daring

Do you believe that less is more? Cliché as it may sound, it is true. Custom stickers are small in size. It has limited space, which makes its intricate details hard to distinguish, unlike other print marketing materials such as billboards, banners, brochures or flyers.

It pays to stick with simplicity, but that does not mean you will create a boring design. Make it bold enough to grab attention. Play with contrast, vibrant colours, and typography while ensuring its visibility.

The only elements that must stand out should be your logo, call-to-action, or business tagline. Others are there to complement one another.


Custom Shape and Size Matters

Stickers have features that are easy to customise to ensure they meet your specific needs. You could also have your die cut sticker match the shape of your preferred design.

You need to understand how the customers will likely use your promotional products. Say they were using it for their laptops. Providing the right size and unique shape complements well on their stuff which is a win-win situation.


Showcase its Playful Side

Unleash your brand’s playful side by using promotional stickers. You can create a fun design while still communicating a clear message. Even the most serious-minded companies need to showcase their fun and spicy side. It helps them connect with their audience instantly.

Your goal is to create a well-designed sticker that your customers would be proud to use. Also, you want to attract more potential leads through promotional items. Creating a catchy and fun sticker design helps connect with your target audience.

Always-Use-the-Vector-File- Format

Always Use the Vector File Format

Designing a picture-perfect sticker must remain consistent when printed out. This is crucial because it can make or break your marketing campaign. It is advisable to use a vector file format such as EPS, AI, PDF, and SVG because they are the best formats used for printing.

They give better results and will not lose their picture quality since they are designed to reshape. You might need to reprint your stickers in a larger size later. Its quality will not be compromised because it can give outstanding results regardless of size and shape.


Make References for Inspiration

It is common for creative people to struggle with creative block. But it should not hinder you from your pursuit. You can take inspiration from other work as your references. Check out other branded stickers from your competitors and determine what works and what does not.

You could also get inspiration from reading books, watching movies, immersing in nature, and doing photography or painting. The sky is the limit! Remember, you can always make art of what you love doing.


Add Call-to-Action

Adding a call-to-action to your promotional sticker is optional. Say you want your customers to follow your social media accounts or visit your website. Placing a QR code is efficient and convenient. That way, you could monitor your promotional campaign.

You will notice it because there will be changes like an increase in new followers, subscribers, or an increase in your sales.

Final Thoughts

Creating a promotional sticker is more than just designing. You need to have a goal and determine what you want to achieve. Plan what type of stickers you will create, who will be the recipients, and what sticker materials you will use. Design with a specific goal in mind. Well-designed stickers will always capture the attention of the right target audience.