Stickers with the BAE

Posted by OZStickerPrinting on September 12, 2018

Indeed, stickers work in many different ways, from promoting a hawker food delivery service to helping a vegan perfume business get its message across.

It was in August 2018 that we started to work with Natalie Carey on her stickers. Natalie is a Sydney-born advocate of anything natural. Her passion has brought her to the creation of BAE (an acronym for Beautiful, Animals, Everywhere) Vegan Perfume. BAE Vegan Perfume provides quality vegan and cruelty fine fragrances at an affordable price. 

Nat’s never-ending resolve to be a voice for our lovely animal friends inspires OzStickerPrinting and for sure, inspire our followers too.  

Tell us about your Vegan perfume. Do you have other offers aside from vegan perfumes? 

Currently, BAE is purely perfume, however there are plans in the future to offer luxury bath oils.

What inspired you to come up with such an interesting business?

I have been vegan for approx 4 years, and it was eye-opening to learn how many of the cosmetic brands I was using were tested on animals. Anyway, I was on deployment to the Middle East at the time, and I noticed a big gap in the market for vegan and cruelty-free perfumes. Many vegan perfumes were natural, which is fine (BAE also has a Natural Collection); however, there were very few options for perfume that were reminiscent of department store perfume. It was then that I received the idea to create a designer vegan perfume line. 

What were the vision and the mission where you founded the business from?


(1) To be recognised as the number one TRUSTED online source for vegan, cruelty-free perfume; (2) To educate those who may not yet be aware the unnecessary atrocities our beautiful animal friends experience just for human luxuries so that the next time they reach;  for a cosmetic product, they ask themselves, “Did an innocent suffering for this product?” (3) For the girl behind the brand (Vegan Nat!!) to be known for her gentle soul, genuine nature and her never-ending resolve to be a voice for our lovely animal friends; (4) For the girl behind the brand (Vegan Nat!!) to be known for her gentle soul, genuine nature and her never-ending resolve to be a voice for our lovely animal friends.


To provide an extensive range of department-store quality vegan and cruelty-free fine fragrances at an affordable price. To gain a reputation as an ethical vegan brand known for providing outstanding customer service, value for money, and passion for animal welfare.

What do you think about self-care in relation to perfumes?

Treating yourself with luxury fragrances is a way to show yourself that you are worthy of good things (in all aspects of life) and that you are entitled to be treated with love. 

Being a self-care advocate yourself, what tips could you share so it is easy for others to follow suit? 

Self care with cosmetics is simply one aspect of looking after yourself. Your inner dialogue is equally important. That is, what you think and feel about yourself. Being kind and gentle with yourself from the inside is imperative.



How long has your business been operating?

BAE launched in March 2018

What keeps you going? 

The animals. I love animals so much, and it blows my mind to think they suffer simply for the luxury of cosmetic use. 

What is the greatest challenge of the entire business operation so far?

Apart from pesky feelings of self-doubt, the biggest challenge has been the branding of the labels!! Initially, I paid over a thousand dollars to have labels printed that did not stick to the bottles. They ended up in the bin. So, I started purchasing blank labels from the United States and printing them myself, and they were a total disaster. Some didn’t stick, and often, the toner would rub off. They just made the product look unprofessional and budgeted and did not reflect the gorgeous content within.

How did you overcome it?

No joke, I found OzStickerPrinting! And a very patient local graphic designer.

How do you give back to your community? 

I take part in animal activist events as often as time allows. I also regularly donate products to the local vegan group and raffle them off at local get-togethers. The funds raised goes to local animal sanctuaries. 


Who do you have to give credit to for your success? 

My daughter and the animals. When self-doubt, mistakes, or disasters were so overwhelming that I thought I should quit, thinking of them kept me going.

How did you find OzStickerPrinting?


What was your impression/s? 

Absolutely impressive. Quick, responsive communication. And an abundance of patience. 

What convinced you to finally try OzStickerPrinting’s stickers? 

I didn’t need convincing, you guys saved my life!! I was ready to tear my hair out with the labels. 

How did the stickers help promote your products, services or the entire business?

The new labels have totally overhauled my brand. Instead of looking like ‘hand made, market stall’ products, the labels have pushed my brand into the league of a professional product. 

What did you like most about OzStickerPrinting?

Dealing with the team members, who were so kind, generous and patient.

Would you recommend OzStickerPrinting to your families or friends?

I would say that I seriously would not go anywhere else. Don’t waste your time and money, go straight for OzStickerPrinting.

What is in store for your business in the next days, weeks or years? Please tell us more. 

I will be show casing the new labels at an expo next weekend, as well as donating over 1000 samples for World Vegan Day. In 12 months. I’d love to be featured in some sort of business magazine as one of the fastest-growing vegan and cruelty-free businesses, with a reputation for outstanding service, ethics and walking the talk.