How Art Paper Stickers Transform New Mama Kit's Journal for Gift Hamper

Posted by OZStickerPrinting on November 09, 2022

How Art Paper Stickers Transform New Mama Kit's Journal for Gift Hamper

Isn't it amazing how moms are able to carry their child for nine months inside her tummy? Just imagine all the struggles and sacrifices she has to endure to protect and keep the baby safe. And all the preparation she makes to ensure everything is working according to plan.

When a woman becomes a mother, all her priorities change. This time, it is for the baby and for her family. She can do everything, even if it means forgetting her own needs. Kudos to all the wonderful moms out there.

Many women experienced changes in their bodies before, during, and after giving birth. Some might lead to depression or what we called, “postpartum blues or baby blues.” While these are all normal, they could worsen the situation if ignored.

Moms are busy thinking about the welfare of their babies. They forget to think of their own and what they deserve. Giving them presents is such a thoughtful, kind, and loving act. It pampers and helps them alleviate those unexplained emotions and physical pain after giving birth. 

This is where New Mama Kit comes into play.

New Mama Kit, a business owned by Angela in Sydney Australia, is a gift hamper business dedicated to moms and first-time moms. They also offer gift hampers for dads.

New Mama Kit includes a New Mums journal in their gift hamper. It is to encourage moms to write their thoughts and express their emotions. New Mama Kit also shares how Art Paper Stickers best complement their plain journals into a personalised one.

Let us hear more about New Mama Kit’s story and why you should pay attention to product presentation in many aspects.


Tell us about New Mama Kit? What are the products or services you’ve offered?

We create beautiful, practical gift hampers with all the tips and tricks that women need to prepare for birth and help them recover post-birth. Flowers are 'fine' but there are more important things on her list (trust us, we’ve been there!) like soothing her swollen lady garden, finding undies big enough to fit those massive pads, or tucking into a delicious block of chocolate! 

We source every item ourselves and hand pack them in our Sydney warehouse. We handwrite the congratulations card for each New Mama, and we donate $2 from every sale to, which assists women with perinatal anxiety and depression.


What makes New Mama Kit different from the rest?

Unlike most other maternity gift hamper stores, New Mama Kit does not include anything for babies inside our hampers - only items for the New Mums (and Dads). No fluffy bunnies or onesies (she's got plenty of those!) - this is a gift that honours her before or after she's given birth. The other thing that stands us apart is the care we put into selecting items for each hamper. 

We are experienced Mums, so only choose products and gifts that help her body heal or help her minds to feel stronger. We started by making one simple hamper for First Time Mums, then gradually grew our hampers to include luxurious new mum hampers, maternity leave hampers, pregnancy hampers and postpartum recovery hampers.

How did you find OzStickerPrinting?

We came across OzStickerPrinting when we were searching for a solution to a packaging issue. Our plain journals were not inspiring enough to put in our hampers, so we needed a way to bring them to life without investing in a custom-printed cover. The results were immediate - our round gloss paper sticker made the cover stylish and had a message that read "YOU GOT THIS" which is an empowering message for pregnant women or New Mums who are not sure of what they're doing the first time around. 

A simple affirmation like this can make the difference between women enjoying their postpartum journey or not, so it's important to get it right. The kiss-cut stickers are easy to put on. We use stickers inside our hamper box lids, too, so we will be happily reordering with OzSticker Printing very soon.

How did you use the stickers you’ve purchased in your business?

We use our stickers on the front cover of an A5 lined journal that New Mums can write in when they need to get their thoughts on paper. If a woman is in the hospital, she can receive a gift hamper to her maternity ward room, open it and enjoy the goodies inside, including this beautiful notebook with a gloss sticker on the front. 

We can also use this round kiss-cut sticker on the inside of our gift boxes, so when a pregnant woman opens her maternity gift hamper she's instantly uplifted by the positive message inside.


How did the stickers help promote New Mama Kit?

We are confident that the branding and stickers contribute to this positive customer experience. We are not using these stickers for marketing or promotion as such, but the returning customer rate will hopefully be up-ticked when women have a positive unboxing experience with New Mama Kit Gift Hamper and choose to gift one to a friend. 

Our team really cares about the presentation of our gift hampers for new mums, so being able to put the finishing touches on our products and hampers goes a long way to position our brand as one of the best gift hampers for New Mums in Australia.

Would you recommend OzStickerPrinting to anyone?

We would happily recommend OzStickerPrinting to any business that wants a professional and quality sticker for products or marketing. We received a sample pack of other stickers which gave us some great ideas for other marketing and packaging solutions for our gift hamper business in Sydney. 

The fact that our stickers arrived within the week of ordering was another reason we will recommend OzStickerPrinting to businesses we network within the Motherhood, gifting and e-commerce industries. It's good to know there is a sticker printer who cares about the businesses they help.