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How Stickers Boosts Bare by Bauer Brand

Posted by OZStickerPrinting on February 14, 2019

It gets me really so excited whenever I come across natural skincare brands that really stand out from the pack, especially in the natural skincare world. And when eco-friendly, natural, love-filled line promotes itself through stunning branding, my heart skips a bit!

Candice & Matt Bauer are two amazing individuals working as a team in promoting their passion for health and wellness while at the same time very hands-on at helping people improve their overall health and wellbeing.

 Allow me to introduce BARE by Bauer, a Natural Body and Skincare brand based in Australia. Their mission is to uphold the definition of B.A.R.E. through the creation of eco-friendly products using only real ingredients that are blended with love… so that everyone can embrace mother nature’s goodness.

Can we take you back to your first experience of advocacy, and how did you discover this passion?

I started studying nursing in 2009 to follow my two passions - health and helping others. In 2011, I graduated as a Registered Nurse and have been lucky enough to witness more miracles than most see over a lifetime; but I also have a backstage ticket to the worst days of their lives (please excuse the unsavoury pun). I love working as a nurse, with the highs, lows, wins and losses, it keeps me grounded and forever grateful.

My passion for health and helping others has transformed as my knowledge of holistic health and well-being grows. Rewind 10 years when at the beginning of my career I was primarily focused on conventional medicine, my definition of health would have been something like… ”Health is about being a certain weight, being able to exercise and having a glowing tan”. Superficial hey? But it's not common. It’s hard not to have these beliefs when we are surrounded by fashion magazines, advertisements with “beautiful” people, and mainstream social media accounts that put such emphasis on looking a certain way. Very damaging to our self-love and self-worth (but that deserves a whole other blog post).

Tell us about your company and the products or services you've offered.

We are a 100% natural body and skincare brand with a large range of products. Our mission is to uphold the definition of BARE through the creation of Eco-friendly products using only Real ingredients that are Blended with love to support your body’s innate healing abilities whilst ensuring we remain Australian-made & owned so that everyone can embrace mother nature’s goodness. BARE by Bauer is a brand that reflects both Candice & Matt's core beliefs - It is very much a team effort. Matt is typically in charge of web & social development, while Candice is typically more involved in product research & development. We are proud of our ingredients label, and we wish there was more room on the front of our packaging so that we didn’t need to place ingredients on the back!


How do you differ from other Natural Body and Skincare suppliers/manufacturers?

In a number of ways. The biggest way we stand out is simply by our 100% natural ingredient list, which we are very proud of – displayed on beautiful professional stickers supplied by OZ STICKERS! The other ways we differ from the rest is:

  1. We donate a product to charity for every purchase made from
  2. Our standard packaging is delivered carbon-neutral to all large cities across Australia
  3. We are cruelty-free
  4. Eco friendly
  5. Sustainable
  6. Hand-blended in Australia in small batches


The other BIG factor that sets us apart is how we blend LOVE into each bottle, bag, tin and jar. To ensure each individual handcrafted item is blended with love, we follow these steps, & yes, every single bottle, bag, tin & jar is treated equally with the same tender love & care! The first step is the space is cleansed with sage. Second, the blender's mindset is positive & filled with the purest intent. Third, uplifting & loving oils are diffused during the blending process. Fourth, uplifting & positive music is played, as loud or soft as the blender deems necessary. Fifth, once bottled, tinned, bagged or jarred, the products are kept in a space with healing crystals until sent to their beautiful owners. Our customers would not see what separates us from other brands without your beautiful stickers.

How important is it for someone to avoid chemicals and embrace “mother nature’s goodness” instead?

We believe it is so important. We don’t just build a business around this idea; we live our lives around this! Our health and longevity rely on removing nasties wherever we can to live a low-tox life. This also isn’t just about us as humans, it is about helping and working with our environment. Working with Mother Nature, rather than against it, is what we are all about.

Is there such a thing as Ingredient of Love? Kindly tell us more about that.

The ingredient LOVE is how we explain the time, energy, passion and, well… love that we put into every blend. We mix both holistic and natural health, to create BARE by Bauer. And for those who think the ‘love’ factor is too ‘hippy’, that’s totally ok, because no one can argue with our 100% natural products.

Along the way, what have you been learning so far? Lessons this passion has taught you.

The biggest lesson is to put love into every aspect, and you will reap the rewards. Take our stickers, for example, for which we have put so much love into designing. We wanted them to be produced by an amazing Australian business that had a passion for what they do, so that is why we chose to use OZ STICKERS.

In the case of global warming, how will you encourage people to take care of Mother Earth?

We make environmentally friendly choices in everything we do. The ingredients we use are all-natural, so when you shower after using our products, only natural ingredients are flushed into our oceans. And we select our packaging carefully, with recycling in mind. This is why we predominantly use glass – even though it is heavier and costs more, we believe it is necessary. We also offer biodegradable toothbrushes and biodegradable cotton buds, helping people every day to choose natural and eco-friendly products.

Do you also sell internationally?

Yes, we have recently begun selling across the world which is so very exciting to share BARE everywhere.

What advice can you give to starting entrepreneurs?

I know this is what everyone says, but it is the truth… JUST START. Whatever your passion is, this will give you the drive to produce an amazing product, and people will feel your energy toward something you love!


How do you use the products you've purchased in your business?

We use your art paper stickers as labels for all of our products which are in bottles, bags, tins and jars. The first ingredient we put on your stickers is LOVE. People often chuckle when they read the first ingredient on our labels (LOVE), but what they don't realize is that we truly do infuse LOVE into our products. We use your beautiful stickers to add a bright, fun feel to our products, helping us stand out in the consumers’ minds.

bare by bauer custom stickers

Again, thanks to Matt and Candice for taking the time to talk with us. We are all excited to see what 2019 brings for BARE by Bauer.