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Why Custom Stickers are Helpful to Veganyumm's Product Packaging

Posted by OZStickerPrinting on October 20, 2022

The bakery business is a big industry with many competitors around. You have to be more creative and offer something unique to your customers to stand out.

This is what differentiates Veganyumm from other bakeries around Brisbane CBD. They are a Vegan bakery that offers sweet and delightful goodies that suits your taste buds and are perfect for all occasions but in a healthier version.

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Veganyumm strives to exceed the expectations of its customers and is continually improving. Aside from baking delicate sweets, they also paid attention to their packaging.

Employing custom logo stickers has been helpful in getting their brand name across. Plus, it helps to ignite their packaging for excellent product presentation.

True enough, Veganyumm is successful in its mission to deliver vegan goodies to its patronage and still continues serving in Brisbane CBD.

Let us hear more about Veganyumm and how they use custom stickers to elevate their boxes for cupcakes and cake packaging:

Tell us about Veganyumm and the products you offer?


We are a vegan bakery that specialises in cupcakes, cakes, brownies, pies and more! We are located in Brisbane and we are the only Vegan bakery in Brisbane! We also offer Gluten free options.

What makes Veganyumm different from other vegan bakeries?

We always aim to be ahead of what's trending, or we create trends offering a vegan or vegan gluten-free option that you can't find elsewhere. We make very detailed cupcakes in our store with various piping details. We have great friendly customer service.

How did you find OzStickerPrinting?

Through an internet search.

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How did you use the products you’ve purchased in your business?

Veganyumm-Yummy-Treats  Veganyumm-Brand-Stickers-AU

We use the stickers on our cupcake boxes and cake boxes.

How did the stickers help promote Veganyumm?

It really helped us get our brand name out there and elevated the presentation of the packaging we use.

Would you recommend OzStickerPrinting to anyone?

Yes, I would! The prices are great and the quality is amazing. They offer a great variety. The turnaround time is also great. The staff are very helpful.