C&L Jewellery Reveals How Paper Stickers Improve their Custom Mailer

Posted by OZStickerPrinting on January 31, 2023

Wearing a piece of jewellery is something people from ancient days already do. Many centuries have passed, and it was one of the best things we inherited from our ancestors.

Jewellery is a good adornment and investment. Women like to feel and look good wearing it. A perfect pair of accessories can also boost self-confidence.

The type of jewellery you wear shows your status in life. It also reflects your personality and complements your outfit for any special occasion.


With that, the competition in the market is tough. Having great products must also come with excellent packaging. Winning the first impression of clients is key to making them your loyal or repeat customers.

This is why C&L Jewellery aims to provide unique value by using paper stickers to personalise their custom mailer. Great products deserve to be packed beautifully.

In this article, they reveal the importance of custom stickers in their packaging and how it boosts awareness for their online jewellery business.

Let us find out more below!

Tell us about C&L Jewellery. What are the products you have offered?



C&L Jewellery provides exquisite designer jewellery at affordable prices, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. C&L is always ready to accessorise you with beautiful pieces for different styles.

Style is something that is truly unique, it’s a form of self-expression. Like an extension of yourself. The way you’ll adopt a certain style will depend on your personality and lifestyle. Jewellery needs to work around you, and not the other way around! Founders Ling and Colleen are friends with two very different styles, and they were struggling to find somewhere that accommodated both of them.

That’s when they decided to create C&L Jewellery - the ultimate jewellery spot. What makes us so different? We offer affordable yet trendy designs to cater for everyone, pieces that won’t fade out of style.

Our high-quality pieces will stand the test of time, all while having a modern twist. Jewellery is such a personal thing, and we want to ensure you treasure yours forever! C&L commits to ethical and sustainable philosophy. Our mission is to give Mother Earth a helping hand, all while providing high-quality and beautifully crafted products.

What makes C&L Jewellery different from the rest?




What makes us so different? We offer affordable yet trendy designs to cater for everyone, pieces that won’t fade out of style. Our high-quality pieces will stand the test of time, all while having a modern twist.

Jewellery is such a personal thing, and we want to ensure you treasure yours forever! Wearing our jewellery pieces will not only be fashionably on-trend but make you feel strong and empowered. And it gets even more exciting! Our fun, sustainable packaging keeps us moving towards sustainability in style - an unbeatable combination!

At C&L Jewellery, we believe that fashion should be fun, luxurious, and sustainable all at the same time. We've created a unique packaging system that combines our core values of sustainability and fun into one package.

Our brand is for the brave, bold and adventurous - we all have that fierceness inside of us. Our 100 project is all about finding 100 inspirational people, no matter what walk of life you’re in. We are looking for people that dream big and aim high.

We’d love to hear your ideas or stories and collaborate on jewellery collections. We’d love to hear from art students, globetrotters, or just anyone with an inspiring story! Your dreams can become reality, and your collaboration with us will feature online!

How did you find OzStickerPrinting?



An amazing opportunity presented itself when Steffi and Kerstine invited us to collaborate with OzStickerPrinting! Through this exciting experience, we gained an incredible understanding of the company - making a lasting impression.

After browsing OzStickerPrinting’s website, we found an amazing range of products, stickers, business cards, and more! The sample pack and first pack of stickers we received from them are amazing.

The prints and colour are just as expected. Their staff are also very helpful with the files. They carefully explained the filing requirement for filing.

How did you use the stickers you've purchased in your business?

We used paper stickers on our mailers and boxes to enhance our brand awareness to customers. As well as having a QR code for the customers to gain access to our social platforms. Having a sticker on our mailer really got us started on customisable e-commerce packing with a very affordable and risk-free option for small businesses.

With a quick glance, our customers can't help but notice the pop of colour that comes with each mailer or box-- it's no secret why we jumped at the chance to use paper stickers for branding.

But what could be better? Well, how about having direct access to all of our socials through an easy-to-use QR code right there on those same custom stickers! It was truly this innovative brand awareness move and affordable entry into e-commerce packaging that kickstarted us leading in customer loyalty today.


How did the stickers help promote your business?


Doing business the right way isn't just about delivering great products; it's also about making a memorable impression. OzStickerPrinting gave us an unprecedented opportunity to make our mailer stand out, giving customers something special that was both affordable and effective!

Their revolutionary approach has been integral in building customer loyalty - putting us ahead of the competition in no time flat. Partnering with OzStickerPrinting, we've found the perfect way to take our small business mailers to the next level.

This Australian brand offers a great cost-effective solution for any local businesses looking to make an impactful statement on their packaging - highly recommended!


Would you recommend OzStickerPrinting to anyone?


Oyesses, we would 100% recommend OzStickerPrinting to everyone! Looking for a way to spice up your next event, or add something extra special to your business? Look no further than OzStickerPrinting!

Everyone we've asked has absolutely loved it and said they would recommend it without hesitation. Try out the perfect fusion of design and fun today! The team members are all so kind, generous and patient.

They also keep proactive communication with their customers. Lead time on the products is also short and sweet!