Branding with Sticker Label is the Way to Miller Finance Customers’ Heart

Posted by OZStickerPrinting on February 25, 2020

Steve Miller, the founder of Miller Finance is one of the inspiring entrepreneurs that every aspiring business owner should look up to because of his passion to help people to become more responsible on their finances and be wiser on their financial decision.

Aside from being a driven finance broker, he is also an amateur beekeeper. Being a smart businessperson, he cultivated his hobby into a profit by giving out raw honey to his clients with a tag line of “We’ll always find you the sweetest deal,” he has a brilliant mind in leaving a mark to his clients by making them feel special through keeping things personally made.  

Be inspired by Steve Miller and create unconventional ways to make your business visible to a wider market.


Tell us about your company and the service you offered.

Miller Finance is an independent mortgage and finance brokerage business. We specialise in finding our clients the best deal in terms of interest rate, low fees, and customer cash backs. Most Australians pay far too much on their loans, this results in increasing bank profits whilst simultaneously reducing the client's disposable income.

We are passionate about putting an end to this situation. We encourage clients and potential clients to review their loans at least every two years, the finance sector is moving so quickly that this is warranted to remain on top.

What are the challenges in owning an independent mortgage and finance brokerage business?

The biggest challenge for me is finding good quality for qualified customers.  The business is still in the growth stage, so getting the name and brand recognition out there is most important at this stage.

How do you feel that you are able to help a lot of people through your expertise in finance?

The vast majority of Australians are paying far too much on their loans, all this does is increase bank profits.  We specialize in getting clients the best rate with the lowest fees and sometimes even a cashback.  We are also big in client education and making them aware of the trick that banks use.


How OzStickerPrinting stickers help you with your business?

We obtained the labels for our honey from OzStickerPrinting and they help provide a memorable initial impression for the client. People may throw away a business card after a very short time but I guarantee they won't throw away a jar of local raw honey.

How do you use the products you've purchased in your business?

The principal of Miller Finance, Steve Miller is also a passionate amateur beekeeper. Steve does not believe in business cards, instead, when he meets a new client he gives then a jar of honey.


Do you think using a sticker as labels on the jar of your honey is effective?

Absolutely, we use a jar of honey as our business card, people will quickly forget, lose or throw out a business card but not too many will throw out or lose a jar of beautiful local raw honey.

How long have you been ordering stickers with OzStickerPrinting?

I have been getting stickers of Oz Sticker now for over four years and I would not go anywhere else – you can’t beat the quality, the service and for me, most importantly – the price.

What makes you decide to use OzStickerPrinting as your sticker provider?

The fact that OzStickerPrinting is so helpful in the design and production of the labels made the whole process so much easier - not to mention the price which is extremely good value.