Where to Put Stickers

If you decide to order custom stickers as a giveaway for your customers, then you need to give them ideas on where to put stickers and make sure that it is very visible for other people to notice. Have no idea what to pitch to your customers? We will give you one of the things where people usually put it and might give you an idea on how to persuade your customers. 


If you are giving away bumper stickers to your customers, you should suggest placing them on their car, bike, skateboard, or any type of vehicle that they own. It is a good way to advertise your brand without paying too much because your customers are spreading the word on your behalf. Just make sure that your logo design is trendy and attractive to look at.


When your target customers consist of bike enthusiasts, you can suggest putting it on their helmets. Giving hologram stickers can be beneficial to the one who receives it since it protects them from unforeseeable road accidents. Reflective labels are proven to protect riders from accidents so when you give it to them, trust us they will be grateful you gave it to them.     

Personal belongings

You can suggest putting it on their notebook and tumbler. Those are some of the most used items that are also very noticeable. It is a good suggestion if you are giving away Art Paper Stickers as freebies.  


When it comes to the items that people can’t live without, phones and laptops are on top of the list. Vinyl based stickers are a good giveaway material to place on their loved and valuable gadgets. Once you convince them that your custom labels belong to their personal gadgets, you have a bigger chance for your brand to shine without even spending another penny on other advertising mediums.

For more ideas on how to use it, our recent blog, three strategic ways to use stickers will give you more insights on how to make the most out of it.

We hope we were able to give you ideas on how to cultivate stickers to your advantage. When it comes to finding a printing company in Australia, you can always rely on our printing products and services here at OzStickerPrinting. We aim to provide high-quality products at an affordable price with a fast turnaround time. Give us a try and we will assure you that you’ll be coming back to try our wide array of products that can help you in establishing your brand.