Best Ways to Use Kraft Paper Stickers to Brand The Pedersen Pantry Products

Posted by OZStickerPrinting on September 28, 2023

Do you love bread, but you are conscious of your diet restrictions?

No worries because there are baked products you can consume that are healthy and low in glycemic index.

Sourdough is lower in gluten and easy to digest. You can consume it healthily. It is rich in nutrients that your body can absorb easily. 

“The global market size of Sourdough in 2020 was estimated at USD 2.19 billion. It is expected to increase at a CAGR of 4.1% during the forecast period.”

Sourdough has been around for thousands of years and is enjoyed by many cultures around the globe.

Sourdough bread contains sourdough starter instead of using baker's yeast. It is a mixture of water and flour that develops wild yeast. 

This yeast produces lactic acid, which creates a distinctive tangy taste in the bread.

This acid gives flavour to the bread and kills unwanted bacteria. It keeps the sourdough starter safer from going bad.

This is where The Pedersen Pantry positioned its product to fill the needs of consumers in the market.


About the Pedersen Pantry

The Pedersen Pantry is a micro-bakery in Ashfield, a suburb in Sydney's inner west.

They create a slow-fermented Sourdough bread made with fine-quality local ingredients.

The people behind The Pedersen Pantry are a husband and wife duo - born in Norway and Germany. Their baked products are inspired by European flavours that bring warmth and joy when shared with friends and loved ones.

They take pride in baking the way nature intended. They use organic ingredients and sourdough starter as the natural leavening agent in all their products.

Since 2023 this year, they have transitioned their small business into a sourdough subscription service. They aim to offer their customers an ongoing supply of freshly baked bread delivered to their doorstep.

Subscriptions are $24 for two breads of choice. They can choose from their Signature Sourdough and Olive & Herb Sourdough (one of each or two of the same) baked either fortnightly or monthly. 
They also offer free delivery on Sundays to local addresses.

For more info about their subscription service, check it out here: The Pedersen Pantry Subscription Form

To keep updated with their latest post, follow their baking journey on Instagram: The Pedersen Pantry

Or send them an email to

How To Utilise Kraft Paper Stickers to Brand The Pedersen Pantry Products



Branded Logo Stickers

The Pedersen Pantry uses logo stickers to brand its sourdough subscription service. This helps strengthen brand visibility and awareness, and customers can recognise their brand instantly, even when looking at the packaging. 

Since kraft paper stickers have a natural brownish colour, they suit bakery products well. Brown colour evokes organic and eco-friendly. It can also denote as approachable, reliable, and stable. Perfect branding colour for artisan bread like sourdough.

Enhance Packaging Appeal

Enhancing the visual appeal of packaging plays a crucial role in making your products stand out and become memorable. Applying custom logo stickers helps improve its aesthetic appeal. The Pedersen Pantry uses them inside and outside of their packaging.

This gesture can be considered minimalist packaging. It displays the brand name and logo which is essential to inform the customers where the parcel is coming from. 

Seal For Freshness

Stickers are also best to use for sealing products to contain their freshness. It shows reliability, authenticity, and assurance that the orders are not tampered with during transit. This can help boost customer trust and brand credibility.

Excellent packaging gives consumers a memorable unboxing experience. It does not matter if it is baked goods, apparel, gadgets, or more. The first impression is crucial. It could lead to repeat purchases and word-of-mouth referrals.

Seasonal and Holiday Stickers

Since stickers are customisable, you can elevate the design to fit the seasons and holidays. Be it for Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, and more. It shows versatility in your product presentation.

This is also an inexpensive way to personalise your product packaging and labelling. Stickers are flexible and low-cost to produce. Ensure that the designs reflect the message you want to convey, especially on your branding.

Show Customer Gratitude

Showing customer appreciation must be considered in every customer order. You can attach Thank You stickers on the packaging or separate them using Thank You Cards. Whichever works for you, both will do.

Address customers in their first name. Nothing sounds more beautiful than the sound of your own name. They will appreciate it the most. And write a personalised message that shows you are grateful to them for doing business with you. This gesture can build a strong emotional connection between the customers and your brand.

Final Thoughts

The Pedersen Pantry always ensures its products are fresh when delivered to customers. Utilising custom stickers is an integral part of branding. It helps reinforce brand identity and visibility. Knowing the number of competitors around Australia. Plastering logo stickers on the packaging makes their product recognisable to the target audience.