Pride Themed Stickers

How to Leverage Themed Stickers in Your Business During Pride Month Celebration

Posted by OZStickerPrinting on June 04, 2024

Pride Month is crucial for the LGBTQIA+ community and allies to celebrate inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance.

It falls off every June and is celebrated annually worldwide.

This is an excellent opportunity for your business and brand to support LGBTQ+ rights.

When we say showing support, it is more than just following what's "trendy." It is about understanding and applying the context to your pride marketing campaign with Pride-themed stickers.

This way, you can use your brand and platform to help this community achieve equal rights. 

Practise this inside or outside your premises to show off your genuine support.

But before anything else…

Why is Pride Month Celebrated Every June

pride month celebration

On June 28, 1969, the Stonewall riots occurred when the police raided the popular gay bar at Stonewall Inn in New York City. They are detaining and arresting many of the patrons. 

This time, the community stood united and bravely resisted all the hatred, discrimination, and harassment they were dealing with.

The first Pride March occurred on June 28, 1970, after the Stonewall Uprising. Since then, it has been celebrated annually to commemorate the years of struggle and the ongoing pursuit of equal rights and justice for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Here's How to Leverage the Full Potential of Your Pride-Themed Stickers

Design Different Versions of Pride-Themed Stickers


pride-themed circle stickers

Designing different versions of Pride-themed stickers is crucial in your Pride marketing campaign. Did you know that there are 23 types of LGBTQ+ Pride Flags? These variations indicate who shares their sexual or gender identity. 

Your efforts could mean a lot for groups in this community, making them feel more seen and validated. Also, you can incorporate these various designs across your marketing approach. Say you want Pride bumper stickers to customise your vehicle and another for your product packaging or freebies.

It pays more to be creative. When designing, remember to integrate your branding elements. Customers must recognise your brand, its core values, and what it stands for.

Decorate the Storefront to Show Support and Inclusivity


pride-themed custom decals

Decorating your storefront with Pride-themed stickers is an excellent idea. This helps inform customers, especially from this community, that your business is LGBTQIA+-friendly. It also means that you don't tolerate any discrimination against these groups while on your premises.

This design could be rainbow flags, inclusive messages, or other symbols that show support and solidarity. It must also convey a clear message of acceptance and allyship. Custom decals for sturdy adherence are recommended sticker materials for your storefront.

Integrate Stickers in Products and Packaging


Pride-themed sticker labels

Dress up your products and packaging that align with the Pride Month celebration. This gesture is a subtle and effective way to spread the message of inclusivity. Integrating these stickers can add a personal touch that your customers will remember. 

Whether you ship products or operate a brick-and-mortar store, always stay up-to-date with your pride marketing campaign. This will boost your sales and help spread the message of this continuous fight for equal rights.

Promote Events and Campaigns


Pride Day Stickers

During Pride Month, many businesses from different sectors will participate in or host events. These include parades, awareness campaigns, fundraisers, and more. Incorporating this promotional sticker with Pride designs is excellent for promoting the upcoming Pride Month events.

You can include stickers in your packaging as freebies, hand them out at your booth, include them in promotional materials, and more. Stickers can raise awareness and encourage participation and engagement. Utilise these tools creatively, and they will keep your brand 
top-of-mind even after Pride Month ends.

Foster an Inclusive Workplace


Customised pride-themed stickers

While you include Pride Month support in your marketing campaign, practising this inside your workplace would also be best. This will foster an inclusive workplace culture. Encourage your employees to display these stickers on their workstations or personal belongings. 

This small act helps create a sense of unity and support within your team. It also shows that your business values and honours diversity and inclusivity. And that this support for the community is not just for external show, but you also apply it within the workplace.


Since Pride Month is a long-month celebration in June, apply Pride-themed stickers to your marketing campaigns. These tools are a tangible reminder to support the LGBTQIA+ community. It could also boost customer engagement, promote inclusivity, and showcase your brand values that resonate with a diverse audience. Make your business shine with Pride-themed stickers, embrace the rainbow, and celebrate diversity.