How to Make DIY Paper Stickers at Home (in Easy Steps)

Posted by OZStickerPrinting on July 28, 2023

Do you want an organised planner, journal, or other items but do not want to spend bucks for stickers?

Or do you have craft projects and need custom stickers to label each item?

Good news!

You can always make DIY paper stickers at home without spending a dime, so long as you have all the materials needed.

This one is easy and a no-brainer for people who breathe and live to design. If you do not have a flair for design, this might be hard, but it is worth the try.

Since the sticker is for personal use, be creative when doing this craft.

"Fun Facts: Did you know that Nidhi Bansal from India has the largest collection of stickers? It consists of 102,317 stickers as of 16 September 2013, and she started collecting stickers in 2007." — Guinness World Records

A DIY sticker can be done swiftly since all the materials can be found in your home. But first, you should know the supplies needed and prepare them beforehand.

Here’s what you will need:  

- Paper (computer paper, matte, glossy, or kraft paper sticker)
- Magazine or Newspaper
- Printable Sticker Templates Design
- Printer
- Scissors or craft knife
- Clear packing tape, double-sided tape
- Optional: Markers, pens, coloured pencils, or other decorative materials
- Glue

Easy Steps to Make DIY Paper Stickers

Start designing your stickers

1. Start designing your stickers

When you start designing your stickers, the sky is the limit. Meaning? You have different options to create multiple sticker designs based on your specifications. What are they?

- You can draw the stickers of your chosen design using markers, pens, coloured pencils, and other decorative materials. Colour the design after drawing, and ensure the ink is not washable.
- Cut out pictures, phrases, or words you like from magazines or newspapers.

- Print pictures you saw online or the ones you uploaded from the computer.

- Use free printable sticker templates in sheets like the one you can find in Canva.

- You have different options for the type of paper you will use (e.g. art paper (matte or glossy finish) or kraft paper sticker, computer paper). All works fine.

-The only difference is that sticker paper - already has adhesives on one side. While computer paper means you need to put glue or double-sided tape on it to adhere to the item. Pick the one that works for you.

Cut out your designs using scissors or a craft knife

2. Cut out your designs using scissors or a craft knife

Say you are done creating or looking for a sticker design. Now is the time to cut it out based on its shape.

Here’s an important reminder:

- Cut the stickers using scissors or a craft knife as close to the design as possible to create clean edges. Each sticker should fit on one strip of clear packing tape.

- You can actually create small or large stickers. But if you prefer a much bigger one, place clear tape twice to stack them together. It should be aligned to overlap a bit.

Place a strip of clear packing tape to cover the sticker design

3. Place a strip of clear packing tape to cover the sticker designs

- Cut a piece of packing tape to cover your stickers. Apply twice and stack it if the design is larger than the size of the tape. The simple reason for doing this is to make the sticker more durable and protect it from moisture. 

- Place the clear tape over the design carefully. Avoid moving the tape once applying to not tear the sticker. 
You can also use double-sided tape as another option and cut the tape with the same shape as your sticker. 


Remove air bubbles or wrinkles

4. Remove air bubbles or wrinkles

Remove air bubbles or wrinkles once you plaster the tape on your sticker. Use a coin or your finger to rub or press the surface until it becomes flat. Make sure that the ink and adhesive become one to create an excellent outcome.

5. Ready to use

Congratulations on taking this long! Your DIY stickers are ready for personalising your items or for labelling purposes. You can stick them anywhere you like.


Final thoughts

Labelling and personalising items are fun and creative and help you keep organised. Creating DIY paper stickers does not cost a penny since all the materials are available at home. You are good to go as long as you have the equipment required and a step-by-step guide like the one we mentioned above. Let your creative juices flow to create a masterpiece.