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How Abby's Cakes & Catering Uses Paper Stickers in Her Product Packaging

Posted by OZStickerPrinting on June 30, 2023

Does eating make you feel good?

Food can change your mood. Whether you eat a slice of pizza, ice cream in chilly weather, a healthy salad, or an antipasto platter.

“According to a study, eating releases opioids in our brains, which signals a feeling of pleasure and satiety. Opioids are triggered by the release of endorphins (or happy hormones) when you eat.”

The significant release of endorphins in your brain is still the same whether or not you find the food pleasurable.

What more? A meal is important because it gives nutrients and energy to the body.

And what if you have no time to prepare a decent meal because of your busy schedule?

No worries! Abby’s Cakes and Catering can save the day!

You might need your favourite comfort food, healthy snacks, desserts and pastries for special occasions, or more —she has the right menu to satisfy your cravings.

About Abby’s Cakes and Catering

Abby’s Cakes and Catering is located in Cobar, NSW. She provides services such as meal and fruit platters, desserts and pastries every day. And right now, her dream cafe space is under renovation and soon will serve her walk-in customers.


Her humble business allows her to do what she’s truly passionate about. That is to prepare delicious foods and bake desserts and pastries for any occasion.


Abby is truly exceptional in her crafts. She does not only prepare food for the sake of doing business. She does it full of love and ensures her customers would find pleasure and satiety in her food creation. Abby can customise foods based on customers’ requests.

Are you looking for a customised cake for an upcoming birthday or wedding? Or are you craving a graze food platter? They are included on her menus.


To see more of what Abby’s Cake and Catering services offer, check out her social media page’s latest post!

Instagram: __abbys__

Facebook: AbbysCateringCakesLunches

How Paper Stickers Have Been Useful to Abby's Cakes & Catering Product Packaging

Every business comes with an efficient marketing strategy to boost brand recognition.

Brand awareness plays a crucial role in every business. It makes unaware people know about your business and what you offer.

While it is good to have loyal customers around, acquiring more potential leads is good for the business to generate more profits.

One of the key takeaways to make your brand more recognisable is using custom stickers as part of your branding tools.

Stickers are versatile and affordable. So using this custom-printed tool is a win-win situation.

Let us elaborate more on why stickers have helped Abby in her product packaging and branding!

Improve Brand Visibility

Utilising paper stickers in product packaging reinforces Abby's brand identity. Stickers can be used to display a brand logo, product information or to stick a personalised message on the parcel. Abby uses a personal logo with her name, the services she offers, and the year it started whilst incorporating her colour branding.


The cake and catering industry in Australia is big. Many competitors were vying to get customer attention. Having a recognisable brand gives you a competitive edge. Be sure to choose the right colours, shapes, and design that aligns with your brand values and personality.

Grab Customer Attention

A product with excellent presentation will surely catch customer attention. And the first impression matters a lot! Even a simple personalised logo sticker can help enhance the appeal of your product packaging.

It pays to remain consistent in your branding. Make your product presentation enticing. With that, customers will get hooked and start engaging with your brand.

Create a Personal Touch

People crave connection or something they can relate to in a product before they make a buying decision. Does it have something to do with using custom stickers? Precisely! A sticker can tell a story and evoke emotion through designs, colours, or shapes.


Aside from logo stickers, you can incorporate another creative touch, such as thank you stickers that denote gratitude and appreciation. This effort helps you create a personal touch, which most customers crave. Abby creates a unique personalised touch in her product packaging to make her customers feel cared for and thought for.

Differentiate You From the Others

A product with unique branding elements can set you apart from the others. Abby is so passionate about her craft, so she makes sure to provide customer satisfaction. Incorporating custom stickers in her product packaging makes it more recognisable to her target audience.

It pays to think creatively and innovatively to get a competitive edge in the market. Given the number of competitors, being trusted and noticeable is essential.

Affordable and Portable Advertisement

Another best reason why custom stickers are essential in your small business is their affordability and portability. Stickers are easy to carry around and can be placed anywhere. It could attract public attention and turn them into possible customers.

Stickers are cheap and a great advertisement tool. They work best in product packaging, freebies, giveaways, and other promotional uses. They also showcase professionalism and your creative side that sparks conversation with the audience.

Final Thoughts

Creating a potential product for your business might be a piece of cake. But it takes hard work, creativity, and a good marketing strategy to make your brand known to the audience. Abby knows this very well. Aside from providing a customer-tailored experience, she incorporates custom stickers to boost her branding. Whether you need a graze food platter, a customised birthday cake or cookies, or a meal on the go, she can prepare it for you with love.