3 Easy Ways How to Remove Stickers From Your Laptop

Posted by OZStickerPrinting on February 09, 2021

Putting stickers on laptops is fun until you realise that it displays too much information that might be confidential.

Or the sticker looks unattractive because its colour is slowly wearing off already. So you wanted to remove it.

"Did you know stickers on your laptop might be a bad security idea? A laptop lid full of stickers can send red flags to authorities or hackers and can cause you a hassle. Why? Because they may want to access sensitive information stored on your computer based on the stickers you display." — Vice

Whatever the case may be, removing a sticky label with strong adhesives can be a stubborn task.

If you are not careful, it might damage the laptop or downgrade its exterior prematurely. But you can avoid that from happening.

In this article, we gather three easy ways to help you remove stickers safely from your laptop.

Let us start!


1. Use Credit Card or Fingernails to Remove

Turn off and unplug the computer first before you start. Then start scraping at the edge of the sticker using your fingernails. If it is already there for a while, apply water, oil, or alcohol and pour it onto a damp cloth to help remove the sticker.

If you have short nails, use a debit card or credit card to help you lift the edge. Do this process slowly until you succeed in lifting it up. Do not peel it fast or try to pull it hard because it will tear the sticker and might leave more residue on your laptop’s surface.


2. Start Cleaning the Residue

Removing laptop stickers might be easy if it was still new. But you can still expect a residue left, especially if the glue is strong or permanent.

With this, use a clean damp cloth and soak it in hot water, or try it with dishwashing soap. Squeeze it very well, then gently rub it on the surface with the residue in a circular motion and with firm pressure. Be careful not to expose any openings of your laptop to water or moisture. Then wipe it dry afterwards.


3. Prepare Solvents, Damp Cloth, & Blow Dryer

Vinyl-based stickers usually use strong or permanent adhesives to achieve durability. It makes it hard to remove the residue when you decide to get rid of them. You must prepare solvents such as 90% rubbing alcohol, acetone, white vinegar with warm water, and oil-based products.

Also, prepare a clean damp cloth and blow dryer as your last resort. Once you use the solvents, put enough amount on the cloth and rub the surface with stubborn residue gently. If it is not working, use a blow dryer and set it in the lowest or medium setting to avoid overheating your laptop.

Point it at the gunk for 30 seconds per interval. Use a cloth or debit card to get rid of the remaining residue. And you are good to go.

Final Thoughts

Displaying stickers on a laptop is cool because it is creative and reflects your personality. But you must be mindful of what to show, especially if it conveys confidential details. Put only the one that is harmless such as your favourite anime character, a word of affirmation, or an emoji. But never about your work or other personal details that might catch the attention of any hackers and authorities. Removing stickers is much easier since we provided the steps above to guide you.