Success Stories through Our Design and Printing Services

OzStickerPrinting aims to provide our customers with information that will help them come up with the best decision especially in choosing the right stickers. Inspiration drawn from several Success Stories of clients cannot be underestimated. Their stories will provide insights and valuable information helpful in your decision making. Diverse topics will be discussed here ranging from designs, new product features, specifications, how stickers help in marketing your brand and promoting your business, and a lot more that relate to helping you achieve your goals and objectives. So, expect us to feature a lot of topics that will provide information related to sticker printing and beyond.

Hockey NSW Uses Stickers to Wear or Stick on Equipment for Their Young Players

In Australia, Hockey is a well-loved national sport with thousands of passionate players and fans of all ages across the country. Hockey NSW is responsible for the administration of the sport here in NSW. As of today, Hockey NSW consists of 27 Associations with an impressive 30,000 registered hockey players in regional and metropolitan NSW. We are honoured to be part of their success as their custom stickers provider...

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Branding Raw Honey with Sticker Label is the Way to Miller Finance Customers’ Heart

Steve Miller, the founder of Miller Finance is one of the inspiring entrepreneurs that every aspiring business owner should look up to because of his passion to help people to become more responsible on their finances and be wiser on their financial decision. Aside from being a driven finance broker, he is also an amateur beekeeper. Being a smart businessperson, he cultivated his hobby into a profit by...

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Custom stickers for Bare by Bauer as product labels for bottles, bags, tins and jars

It gets me really so excited whenever I come across natural skincare brands that really stand out from the pack, especially in the natural skincare world. And when eco-friendly, natural, love-filled line promotes itself through stunning branding, my heart skips a bit! Candice & Matt Bauer are two amazing individuals working as a team in promoting their passion for health and wellness while at the same time very hands-on...

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Stickers with the BAE

Indeed, stickers work for many different things, in so many different ways. From promoting a hawker food delivery service to helping a vegan perfume business get their message across. It was August 2018 that we started to work with Natalie Carey for her stickers. Natalie is Sydney-born advocate of anything natural. Her passion has brought her to the creation of BAE (an acronym for Beautiful, Animals, Everywhere) Vegan...

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