Why companies prefer to use or add stickers when marketing (and why you should too)

Sticker is indeed an old-school type of advertising that’s been around since the 1800s. They continue to evolve coming out in various custom shapes or forms proof that they are versatile and effective.

Here are some of the most important reasons why even big companies include stickers in their
marketing strategies and also reasons why you should too.

Stickers help your brand stand out

In this digital age, online marketing is highly effective hence has been dominating. But in a
crowded advertising place, the danger is to develop “advertising blindness”. So while everyone
tries to grab people’s attention online, one can take advantage of a less crowded place and
stickers will definitely stand out.

Who doesn’t like stickers? Kids like stickers. People like stickers.

We are all kids at heart. Sometimes, we like to let our inner child come out and play. Others
simply want to support causes or make a statement, the rest want to let the world know what
they are up to.

Truly, there are a multitude of reasons, but regardless of the reasons, the fact that people like
stickers, they are always worth sticking into.

A sticker is a personal recommendation

According to Nielsen, 82% of customers rely on recommendations when making a purchase,
while the Keller Fay Group studies reveal that 90% of word-of-mouth takes place offline-
considering these facts, it is understandable why stickers are so powerful.

Say someone attaches a promotional sticker on her car that means they are essentially
endorsing that brand or product, right? This makes it a personal recommendation, a word of
mouth marketing.


Stickers let your creative juices flow

Stickers allow your creative juices to freely flow. Remember when UNICEF created stickers that
looked like landmines on the bottom, while the top was self-adhesive and mimicked the floor
they were placed on, making them invisible until someone stepped on one? And when they
tried to remove the sticker from their shoe, they found the picture of the landmine with a
message explaining that in some countries, they would have ended up dead.

Another was when Pedigree put down stickers on the floor around pet stores and supermarkets
and sprayed with the essence of the food and every dog ended up licking the sticker hence
attracting their owner’s attention to the brand.


Stickers are cost-effective

Compared to other advertising or promotional mediums, stickers are highly cost-effective.
More than that, the way stickers are being perceived by customers and prospects makes them
more valuable.

Stickers are an effective marketing tool

Traditional or offline advertising, yes, but sticker remains a powerful marketing tool through a
highly effective word-of-mouth marketing. Stickers are fun hence they promote a high level of
engagement. Nowadays, stickers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and they can be
applied to pretty much anything, from windows, walls, and floors to buses, phones, and even
people. Whatever your mind can dream of, it is possible. Having a memorable and fun sticker
design will make people remember your brand forever.