Tips in Putting Logo Stickers to Your Craft Brewery Business

For beer enthusiasts, they want to try something new and if you have a craft brewery business, you should give them a reason why your product is going to be their go-to drink, and you can start with pleasing them visually. Don’t waste your time researching the right labeling practices because our product labeling experts will give you helpful tips on how to use your logo stickers in a chic and engaging way.   

Be out of the ordinary

It takes a lot of time to choose a business logo that best represents your whole brand. If your goal is to stand out from your competitors, don’t be afraid to experiment with playing around with colors and graphics. To avoid disastrous label design, you can hire a professional graphic designer to help you create unconventional illustration and colours at the same time looking proportionally well-balanced. They are also good at what artwork suits best for your brand. Whether it is raster or vector artwork, they will give you a quick guide on each of these artworks and what compliments well with your product label. 

Choosing the right elements for your brand

If you notice craft beer shops have its signature glass bottles and labels that is why you need to think more than twice in choosing the shape of your product stickers that blend well with your logo. With the right shape, placement, and size, your customer will easily distinguish your brand compared to your competitors.   

Create intriguing beer names 

Adding humor to your beer names is a great idea to get your customers engaged with your brand. In that way, they’ll be drawn to your brand and find it interesting that they are not shy away to share their love for your brand with their colleagues, friends, and family. If you don’t want a humorous approach, you can always name each beer based on the local geography and culture of your store’s area or based on the origin of the beer. 

Now you know how to create the good looking brewery stickers, trust our printing products and services here at OzStickerPrinting. We’ve been helping business owners with high-quality yet affordable marketing solutions. Throughout the years we are honored to be part of our client’s success stories and we will be thrilled to know that we are able to help one customer at a time. Give us a call and we’ll help you reach your goals for your business.