Think Outside the Box With Custom Postcards

No matter what event or holiday you are on, custom postcards will help you to commemorate that event and at the same time glorify your brand to potential customers. The peak season is always a good opportunity for both big and small businesses to shine and stand from the competition, by coming up with unique ideas for promoting their product line, and why it is worth to be added to their gift or shopping list. And we're here to give you tips on how to widen your offline marketing by just using this one promotional tool.  

Create an event solely to celebrate the event 

Whether it is Christmas, Halloween, Valentines, or just anything in between, you can boost your sales by throwing off themed events. Once you come up with a great activity that you are sure your customers would love to be part of it, you can place the important details of your upcoming event in postcards and distribute them personally or via direct mail to make your customers aware that your store is hosting a special event.

Feature a limited promo 

Another way to attract customers is to give away a limited postcard design that only highlights a promo that is only valid till the end of a certain event. One of the good examples is creating a discount promo for the upcoming Christmas holiday where your customers can enjoy your products at a discounted price, that will attract them to buy in wholesale, and give it as gifts for their friends and loved ones. Hence, you can end the promo after the end of the Christmas season to give them a sense of urgency to shop on your products.

Attract with discount postcards

You attract both old and new customers with discounted cards. You can put a free item card with every purchase, discounted cards, or any unique selling point that pleases you and you think that can lure your customers more.  

Whether it is a special event or not, you can’t deny that postcards can be beneficial for your business especially if you are aiming to master the art of direct mail marketing. Here at OzStickerPrinting, we can help you with your business needs and at the same time provide our beloved customers' practicality with our affordable printing products with a fast turnaround time Australia-wide. Reach out and let our products secure your business branding and be a step ahead of your competitors today.