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How to Remove Stickers on Your Laptop?

Posted by OZStickerPrinting on February 09, 2021

Your laptop is one of the handy materials that you can always use, that is why you are fond of decorating it with stickers to make it unique and reflects well with your personality. If it starts to wear off and it is hard to get rid of them without any trace of the adhesive’s residue, don’t worry, we will give you four amazing tricks you can do to seamlessly remove them. Before doing these tricks, we advise you to power down or unplug your laptop to avoid damaging it.

Oil-based products 

The oil that is found on your vanity cabinet or even in your kitchen can come in handy in getting rid of your stickers. The moisture that is found in lotion, petroleum jelly, olive oil, and mineral oil is responsible for getting rid of the stubborn adhesives that make it easier to peel or scrape. Start it by choosing your preferable oil-based products and apply a small amount into a clean cloth, then just let it soak and start gently swiping it. This method only works well with paper-based stickers. 



A solvent such as WD-40 is proven to dissolve adhesives on stickers that make it easy to peel off. If you don’t have it at home, you can use other solvents like acetone, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and water from dissolving adhesives flawlessly. All you have to do is grab a clean cloth then pour a small amount of your preferred solvent and you can just gently wipe it and give it a couple of minutes to carefully remove it. After wiping it off with solvent, you can wipe it again with a damp cloth to get rid of solvents from staying in your laptop that might cause your laptop’s exteriors to degrade prematurely.





Your hairdryer is not only for styling or drying your hair, they can also be useful in softening the adhesive in your laptop stickers. You start it off by setting your hair dryer from a low temperature and start pointing at the custom label you wish to remove for a few seconds. Be extra mindful with this method because too much exposure from the heat can damage your laptop. Just take turns pointing it to the targeted area and once you feel that the label is starting to soften, carefully peel it off.   


Now you know how to get rid of them and you’re in search of newly made custom labels to promote your business and give it away to potential customers that will eventually put them on their personal belongings, you should start choosing OzStickerPrinting's must-have vinyl based stickers because for a fact that they are durable and affordable with a fast turnaround time and free delivery AU-wide.