How to pick the best sticker & supply for your products

Want to add attractive stickers to promote your products and branding business? If so, you might want to include these few types of printed stickers that will surely enhance the presentation of your products.

Choosing the right stickers will not only help promote your business but it is also an excellent way to tell your potential clients and customers about what you stand for.

The more pressing question is, what kind of stickers would you want? To help you narrow down your choices, below are the certain types and supplies that would help you in selecting the best for your business or personal needs.


There are several types of roll stickers and these are the most popular supply and easy to access in the local market. Rolls happen to be the most favored supply with regards to ordering labels because it’s best on large quantities. Regardless of what your business is, a roll-format sticker will truly serve the objective. Stickers on a roll offer you an effective way of labeling your products and all sorts of other promotional tools that you need to apply and label them.


Unlike roll stickers, sheets are considered best for low to mid-sized giveaways and small quantity orders. This type of sticker supply allows you to have multiple designs on one sheet.


The most commonly used form of custom stickers and you can easily apply and handout them. Paper stickers and labels are guaranteed to be the cheapest option. They tend to be incredibly versatile and are the best alternative when you’re ordering in bulk. Here are the most popular ones of our custom paper stickers:




Also known as our classic paper stickers. It provides a fast and easy way to label your products. These are made from a non-lustrous surface material which makes it writable. Writable stickers are best used for scribbling, writing, stationery, textbooks, etc. You can use either a marker or a ballpoint to write on them.



They come in a striking, shiny metallic finish that enables you to highlight your products or service, bringing an enhanced and special appeal to your brand. Our foil stickers come in two foil colors, GOLD, and SILVER. Recommended to use indoors and can be both used for your business and DIY projects.



Vinyl stickers have numerous uses. You can use these for outdoors, to label cosmetic products, bottles, jars, refrigerated goods and so on. Vinyl stickers have longer durability compared to paper stickers. These are made of highly durable vinyl. They are quite popular and most businesses prefer vinyl for their durability. These offer unparalleled customisation and can be used for large-quality graphics that are displayed outdoors.


Depending on your particular need, you can always choose a sticker that serves you the best. And if you are looking for high quality customised stickers and labels, contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.