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How To Design Business Logo Stickers in Easy Ways

Posted by OZStickerPrinting on November 21, 2022

Starting a small business in a competitive marketplace can be daunting and overwhelming. You know you have the best products or services to offer. But others have no idea, and that is one of the problems.

So how can you convince people to patronise your products instead of others?

How can you raise brand awareness and make them notice that your business exists in a crowd full of “me too” products?

You have to create ways, such as creating business logo stickers to help your brand be easily recognisable from the audience. 


Photo by: Sisterhood Store

Custom stickers are versatile and could also serve as your portable billboard with free advertising.

According to Study Finds, 50% of consumers are more likely to use a brand with a logo they recognise easily.

It pays to know how vital a logo is in branding your business. It is not just something you can display to add attraction. A logo is your brand identity and business trademark that allows potential clients to recognise your business.

You will learn in this article to help you create business logo stickers without spending money. Just pure dedication, focus, and attention. Let us start!

Say you were using Canva…


1. Go to Canva

Designing a logo has been much easier nowadays with the help of Canva. You can log in using your credentials in Gmail, Facebook, or other preferred social media sites to get you started.


2. Pick a Logo Sticker Template

Choose the best logo sticker template that resonates with your brand. If you want to access their unlimited templates and other features, you must be a Canva Pro user. They have pricing plans you can choose from (but this is optional).


3. Edit and Customised

Start to edit your chosen template with their free online editor feature. Change the placeholder text with your brand name, and tweak the placement of elements and images you desire. Know that this part is crucial.

Remember to choose the right font that evokes the emotions of your target audience. Match it with the appropriate colour scheme that is visually appealing.


4. Polish and Finalise Your Design

It pays to review your design and check for possible errors while incorporating all the elements. You could browse their content library and find more design elements to spice it up. Or use your own images by clicking the Upload tab.


5. Save and Download

Are you more satisfied now after reviewing and tweaking the design? You can now save it in a print-ready format. You could print it at home. But if you want a professional output, find a reliable custom sticker printing service near you.

So What's Next?

After designing your logo, do not print it away. Since this is for promotional tool, it has to be printed professionally. Be clear with your goals and the outcome you need to achieve.

Since logo stickers are flexible as marketing tools, there are many ways you can employ them to raise brand recognition. 

Here are some vital things you must ponder before moving forward:

Know Your Goals

Knowing your goals include employing the business logo stickers efficiently. Stickers are flexible to use as a promotional tool that boosts your brand presence.

Consider these ways to employ business logo stickers to raise brand awareness:

Freebies or Giveaways - People love getting free stuff. Including stickers in your promotional gifts is a great free advertisement because of its exposure to many people. It helps other people remember your business, especially if it is of good quality.

Customise Product Packaging - Spice up your plain and boring packaging by incorporating logo stickers in a parcel acting as sealed or decor.

Product Labelling - Make your product easy to recognise by applying visually appealing logo stickers.

Portable Billboard - Elevate your creativity and marketing strategy by leveraging the uses of stickers. Apply it on your car windows, store windows, or other surfaces outdoors. People cannot help but notice, especially if the design is catchy. 

Decor - Personalise your items or merch by decorating it with custom logo stickers. Make sure it is visible for other people to see and notice. Using it as decor in your cell phone, laptop, and other stuff also works well.

Type of Sticker Materials, Shapes & Sizes

When it comes to customising logo stickers, the sky is the limit. This means there are many ways you can do to achieve and bring those ideas to come to life. Decide what sticker materials, shapes, sizes, and finishes you want to achieve.

Perhaps, here are the following type of stickers you can use for your business logo, depending on where you plan to employ it:

Type of Stickers You Can Use in Your Logo

Art Paper Stickers - Considered as economical and most popular used indoors in branding and labelling.

Classic Paper Stickers - Printed in a non-lustrous material and its writable feature makes customising much easier on your end.

Kraft Paper Stickers - Perfect branding for an eco-friendly and rustic vibe kind of labelling.

Standard Vinyl - Popular labelling solution for indoors that is water and moisture-resistant.

Transparent Stickers - Make your brand easy to recognise without blocking the content inside the packaging.

Bumper Stickers - Their durability makes you feel at ease once applied outdoors to catch customer attention and increase brand recognition.

Hologram Stickers - A type of sticker marketing material with a 3D effect making it more eye-catchy to your target audience.

Cutting Style

You may have heard a lot of times about die-cut stickers and kiss-cut stickers. You may wonder about the difference between the two or how they differ from the rest of other sticker materials. But in all actuality, it lies in the cutting type you prefer. 


Die-cut Stickers - a cutting process where the sticker and its backing paper are cut exactly to the shape of your design. If your logo has a unique shape, using die-cut stickers helps emphasise it.

kiss-cut stickers

Kiss-cut Stickers - a cutting process that keeps the backing paper intact for easy peeling. This is perfect if you are someone with little patience in peeling stickers.

Find a Trusted Sticker Printing Company

After designing your logo and knowing other crucial factors, it is time to decide where you want to print the output of your logo stickers. There are many printing services, but make the investment worthwhile.

Make sure they understand your concerns and listen to your needs. A reliable sticker printing company can also give good suggestions. They can suggest the type of sticker materials and what adhesives to use for your business logo stickers.

On a Final Note

Effective branding and labelling should not be ignored, especially when employing a business logo to boost brand awareness. Creating logo stickers must be thought out carefully, printed professionally, and distributed presentably.

The goal is to boost brand recognition and get customers to patronise your products or services. Use these helpful insights we provide to your advantage.