Does custom sticker make a good Christmas gift?

Does custom sticker make a good Christmas gift?

Yes. The more unique, customised and personality-fit the sticker is, the more it will be appreciated

Most Popular sticker as gift items include: 

•    Art paper stickers
•   Vinyl Stickers
•   Holiday Stickers

Will it arrive on or before Christmas?

We strive and exert extra effort to create and ship same day as payment. This is guaranteed as long as there are no shipping delays. For more shipping information please see below: 

 Australia orders:  Australia orders have no problem making it on time. Of course, delays can and do happen. Hopefully, everyone will get there package on time. We recommend placing an order now! At least before December 20, 2018. 

Approved orders will be prioritized and shipped immediately. Changes on the address and details of the order will cause delay. Make sure your order is correct before approving the proof.