Custom Stickers: From Traffic to Profit

Stickers are not only limited to specific a theme, design, message or style. In fact, they play a huge role in marketing whether for a brand, product, service, or a political campaign. The role that stickers play is vital, it’s big time and getting more and more real time attention of viewers.

First thing first, it is important that we ensure we maximise stickers’ potential. One must execute a strategy- both online and offline marketing tactics in order to increase the traffic and eventually lead to a profit-making campaign.

Offline for instance, printing your social media handles on a sticker is a great way to organically increase your coverage. Most campaigns in the form of stickers are not perceived as advertising at all. Its power lies in the fact that when displayed, they are viewed as personal endorsements, recommendations even badges of support for advocacy or campaign of an organization.

There is no limit to what you can print on a sticker: company logos, company names, addresses, contact numbers, web site addresses, and your promotion. Marketers print various discounted or special deals on promotional and logo stickers. Non-profits use them to raise awareness about issues and causes.



Additionally, each time you successfully integrate a digital marketing strategy on your sticker campaign, sales are expected to spike. You can even have a QR code stickers so people can scan and be instantly directed to your social media channels, website or other landing pages.

Very common these days is when companies request clients for reviews of the product they have purchased or their personal experience with the customer service representatives and they are advised to add their professional reviews to be added on your page. Gone are the days when we just wait satisfied customers would leave reviews for potential customers to see. You can also add videos to generate more and more traffic. As we all know, videos are great visual aids to further boost your brand.

So you see, there are thousands even millions of ideas, and innovations that have come out to maximise the usage of custom stickers and we expect more creative minds will pop up, and blow our minds. The good thing about promoting your business using custom made stickers, it does not only bring you success online and offline but also guaranteed to help generate profit in time.

OzStickerPrinting can help you print high-quality print stickers . We have professional designers who can help you make catchy designs and fix your own designs if they had any problem. Our stickers online are available in a lot of shapes and sizes, you can order them according to what suits your business requirements and budget.